Hair Removal

Sugaring                                                                                                   From $25 - $89

Sugaring is a superior method of holistic hair removal for women, removing hairs as short as 1.5mm from anywhere on the body.

Through a crafted technique and the use of 100% natural sugar paste, hairs are gently and safely extracted at the follicle in their natural direction of growth. This means less pain, slower regrowth, no ingrown hairs and smoother skin with no residue. The technique eliminates breakages, discomfort and irritation whilst exfoliating the skin.

Free from cross contamination and artificial fragrances, Sugaring is ideal for the most sensitive skin.

The result: skin is soft, silky and healthy!



IPL (Intense Pulse Light)                                                                        From $35 - $90

A safe and effective treatment that uses various frequencies of light energy to permanently impair the hair follicles and inhibit its growth permanently.  Several treatments are usually recommended.


At this time, Hair Removal is offered to Woman only. 





Half Leg $50
Three-quarter leg $70
Full Leg $85
Bikini Line $35 $50
Extended Bikini Line $50 $65
Brazilian $75 $90
Hollywood Brazilian (bum and boy leg) $89 $90
Underarms $25 $35
Arm to elbow $50
Arm to shoulder $65
Eyebrow Sculpture $35
Full Face (Includes Eyebrows) $70