Our Story

 At Inspiring Skin Health, we love to do things differently.

We are paving new ground in multi-dimensional skin therapy and defying the set limits of traditional clinics.

Our story began in 2009 when founder and skin expert Lauren Stevens found herself disillusioned by a fast-paced beauty industry of invasive options, unproven facts and short-term fixes.  

There was a real need to challenge the prevailing beauty culture and offer something better,” says Lauren.

My aim was to create a place where clients benefit from being treated as a whole person – a relaxed place with a focus on true results and long-term skin health.”

Fifteen years into her career, she opened the doors to an innovative new Brisbane studio. In doing so, she broke new ground in a much-needed shift towards holistic skin therapy.

Knowing that great skin starts from within, Lauren and her team believe that treatments should not be about pre-set menus and invasive options (often to the harm of the skin).

 We’re about a progressive and holistic approach,” says Lauren. Your skin is a living part of you that needs different things throughout your life. It’s ever-changing and dynamic.”

This means that every session at Inspiring Skin Health is entirely bespoke, uniquely customised and designed just for you. We map out a profile for each client, custom-blend our formulas and prescribe simple self-care rituals to fit in with your lifestyle.

We know that our approach, where no treatment or product works in isolation, is really the only approach that works.

Our clients know this too.

Our boutique Paddington studio has attracted a long and loyal following - people who come to us because they want more than just a standard facial treatment.

We’re not about set service menus, uniforms or one-size-fits-all.  We are about specifically tailored, skin-transforming treatments to achieve and maintain radiant, healthy skin for the long term.

Today, we continue to build Inspiring Skin Health around one philosophy:

Skin care does not need to be complicated – it just needs to be right for you.

This has become the basis for every client, whether they are experiencing acne, stress, environmental damage, premature ageing and everything in between.

Amidst a fast and fragmented world of short-term fixes, our intuitive way of working is aligning with people’s values more and more.  

Holistic skin wellness is a groundbreaking movement and we are proud to be at its forefront.

Come and experience it for yourself.

Located five minutes from the CBD in inner city Paddington, we look forward to welcoming you soon.