Bespoke Mindful Facial


With Specialist Therapist Samantha Pearson

Everyone needs time for self-care and deep relaxation. But if you’re busy taking care of others and you rarely get a chance to reconnect and truly slow down, it can take its toll on your skin, mind and wellbeing.

Our Mindful Relaxation and Skin Health Ritual is the perfect way to treat your whole self – not only your skin – and give you the much-needed time to be nurtured, restored and at peace.

Your 90-minute retreat is led by Samantha Pearson, our specialist mindfulness practitioner, skin health therapist and wellness coach. Gentle, intuitive and highly skilled, Samantha is a natural nurturer with a background in skin therapy, nursing and wellness consulting.

Your experience takes a unique approach, starting with a custom-blended Bespoke Skin Health Facial, followed by our much-loved Light Therapy treatment, a leg and/or arm massage and an intuitive guided mindfulness meditation.  

The focus in on beautiful skin results, space, support and stillness – and it feels more like a retreat than a service.

You’ll feel truly restored, your skin glowing and fresh, with a new sense of calm to take into your everyday.

Introductory Offer for August & September: $195 (normally $248) • 90 MINUTES

Body and Soul Experience


With Specialist Therapist Samantha Pearson

When life gets busy and you need to pause, we’ll help you slow down and reconnect so you’ll feel aligned in both body and spirit.

Our Body and Soul Experience is a soulful break from the everyday, where you will leave feeling completely revived.

Your 100+ minute experience is led by Samantha Pearson, our specialist Reiki practitioner, skin health therapist and wellness coach. Gentle, intuitive and highly skilled as a consultant and therapist, Samantha will guide you through:

A relaxed coaching chat at the beginning and end of your treatment, to discuss what the intention is for the session or what brought you in. This allows you both to focus the alignment to work and release into.

An expert 45-minute or 60-minute body massage to release tension and tightness.

A gentle Reiki session, a gift from the Japanese lineage, offering healing for the mind, body and spirit, through focused breathing and the laying on of hands over energy centres. The treatment brings harmony and balance, as well as ridding the body of blockages and stress that isn’t serving at present.

More of a journey than a treatment, our clients share they feel deeply restored and aligned as they float out of the room.

Introductory Offer for August & September: $195 (normally $248) • 100+ MINUTES

Felt more like an escape into a place of deep bliss, not just a treatment! My skin looked totally radiant for weeks and I left feeling so cared for, relaxed and supported. Highly recommended if you need space and time to slow down, reconnect and get ‘you’ back.
— Rosemary D.